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Origin Haukivuori, Finland
Genres Heavy Metal
doom metal
Years active 1981 —
Labels Bassmania Records
RAM Disc
Members Petteri Virtanen
Joni Rossi
Esa Moilanen

Lyijykomppania (English: "Lead Company") is a Finnish heavy metal band. It was originally formed in 1981, but was disbanded a short two years later. The band regrouped and started again in 1990 and remained together until once again breaking up in 1998. The band got back together in 2003. Its members were Jarkko Strandman (vocals and guitar), Lemmy Lindström (bass), and Esa Moilanen (drums). Jarkko Strandman left the group in 2006, leaving Lindström as the sole guitarist. Petteri Virtanen was hired as a new bass guitarist and vocalist in the summer of 2006. Lemmy Lindström left the band in 2008 and has since been featured on bands and projects like Saturn Twilight, Progeland and Corvus Stone. The current line-up features Petteri Virtanen on bass and vocals, Joni Rossi on guitar and Esa Moilanen on drums.



  • Petteri Virtanen (bass, vocals), (2006–present)
  • Joni Rossi (guitar), (2007–present)
  • Esa Moilanen (drums), (1981–present)


  • Timo Rautiainen, vocals and guitar (1981–1996)
  • Lemmy Lindström, bass and guitar (1996–2008)
  • Jarkko Strandman, vocals and guitar (1996–2006)
  • Olli Jaatinen, bass (1981–1992)
  • Tapio Wilska, bass (1993)
  • Arto Alaluusua, bass (1994–1996)


  • Synkkää jynkytystä (1991)
  • Ohjelmanjulistus (1993)
  • Lyijykomppania (1993)
  • Uimakoulu (1993)
  • Suden hetki (1994)
  • Viimeinen voitelu (1996)
  • Kehitys kulkee perse edellä (2004)
  • Harmaita säveliä (2005)
  • Mennyt maailma (2007)
  • Sota Nälkä Rutto Kuolema (2010)

Record labels[edit]

  • Bassmania Records (1991–1993)
  • RAM Disc (1994–present)