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Lyla is a feminine name. The name Lyla has numerous derivations including: Feminine of Lyle "from the island" or "Island Girl" in English and French, "dark princess" in Persian[citation needed] and "night" in Arabic (ليلة) and in Hebrew (לילה). It is sometimes used as a shortened form of the names Lykke, Lars and Delilah.


In fiction[edit]

  • Lyla Lerrol, a supporting character in Superman comics
  • Lyla Garrity, a character in Friday Night Lights
  • Lyla Novacek, a character August Rush'
  • Lyla, is one of the main characters in Mako Mermaids and one of the hundreds of mermaids from Mako Island.

In music[edit]

  • "Lyla" (song), a 2005 single by Oasis
  • Lyla (album), the 2003 album by jazz bassist Avishai Cohen
  • A Rock band from Adelaide, Australia
  • Lyla (band), a Indonesian band

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