Lymbyc Systym

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Lymbyc Systym
Background information
Origin Tempe, Arizona, United States
Genres Electronic, ambient, post-rock, synthwave
Years active 2001–present
Labels Western Vinyl, Magic Bullet, Mush, Hobbledehoy, & (Japan)
Members Jared Bell
Past members Mike Bell (deceased)

Lymbyc Systym is an instrumental band from Tempe, Arizona which formed in 2001, consisting of brothers Jared and Michael Bell.[1] Their sound combines elements of instrumental rock and electronic music. Lymbyc Systym have toured with Broken Social Scene, The Books, Crystal Castles, The Album Leaf, Her Space Holiday, Buckethead, This Will Destroy You, Foxing and The One AM Radio. The duo have released records with Mush Records, Magic Bullet Records, Hobbledehoy Record Co, Western Vinyl and & Records (Japan). Michael Bell died on November 10th, 2016 under undisclosed circumstances leaving the future of Lymbyc Systym uncertain.[2]


Jared Bell says the intentional misspelling of the Limbic System was to own it, lamenting comparisons to Lynyrd Skynyrd. For much of the recording of their 2012 album, Symbolyst the brothers were not in the same state. "Our first full length when we lived in the same house in south Scottsdale, we were treating it like a job and we literally worked on it every day until it was done," Michael Bell has explained. "After that, it morphed into a process of exchanging ideas online ... Even when we lived in New York, we never met up until the end. We worked on stuff separately and exchanged ideas [online.]"[3]


Albums, EPs and splits[edit]

Compilations and remixes[edit]

  • Bubonic Tonic (Lotus Remix) on Copy/Paste/Repeat (2007)
  • Truth Skull (Live radio performance) on WUAG Presents: Wooden Anniversary (2008)
  • What Time Is It Now (The Consulate General Remix) on What Time Is It Now EP (2010)
  • The Architekt (Arms and Sleepers Remix) on Matador Remixed (2010)


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