Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia

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Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia
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Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia (also called lymphocytic interstitial pneumonitis or LIP) is a syndrome secondary to autoimmune and other lymphoproliferative disorders. Symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia applies to disorders associated with both monoclonal or polyclonal gammopathy.[1]


In patients with lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, these patients may present with lymphadenopathy, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, enlarged salivary gland, thickening and widening of the extremities of the fingers and toes (clubbing), and breathing symptoms such as shortness of breath and wheezing.


Arterial blood gases may reveal hypoxemia when tested in a lab. Respiratory alkalosis may also be present.[2] Peripheral lymphocytosis can be observed.[3] A lung biopsy may also be indicated.[4]


Possible causes of lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia include the Epstein-Barr virus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus.


Patients presenting with no symptoms, and not affected by the syndrome may not require treatment. Corticosteroids have been reported to be of benefit in select patients. Bronchodilators may assist with breathing issues and resolution may occur with the use of Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy. However, responses to different treatments are widely varied, and no single first line treatment represents the default treatment for lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia.[5]


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