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Lynda Williams
Born (1958-02-17) February 17, 1958 (age 58)
Occupation Author, blogger, analyst
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater McMaster University, University of Toronto, University of Victoria
Genre Science fiction
Notable works Okal Rel Universe

Lynda Williams (born February 17, 1958) is a science fiction author and blogger.

Williams' fiction is centered on a series of ten novels set in the fictional Okal Rel Universe and published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. Additional works by Williams and votary authors writing in her universe are published by the Absolute XPress imprint of Hades Publications, Inc.

She is the founder of the online journal Reflections on Water.

Williams lives in Burnaby, British Columbia where she is a Learning Technology Analyst and Manager, Teaching and Learning Centre, Simon Fraser University where she researches and reports on existing and emerging learning technologies and supports institutionally selected learning technologies.

Lynda has extensive experience in learning technologies and instructional design. She has worked with information technology professionals and instructors from many disciplines at the post-secondary level, first at the University of Northern British Columbia's Centre for Teaching and Learning and later at the College of New Caledonia and the BC Institute of Technology. She has also worked as a newspaper reporter and has published research papers in the field of learning technology as well as a series of science fiction novels. She is the recipient of the BC Interior, North and Yukon Today's Woman Award for Internet-based promotions; received an honorary mention in the first WebCT Exemplary Course Award (International) for her design of a computing course; and received the Nancy Bennett Award for Library Leadership in connection with her FreeNet leadership on the local, provincial, and federal levels in the early 1990s.

Lynda holds two master's degrees (MSc computation, McMaster University; MLS, University of Toronto) and a BA (liberal studies, University of Victoria). Most recently, she completed the Chair Academy for Post-Secondary Leadership (2011).

Complete list of works in the Okal Rel series[edit]

Title Year Genre Length Summary
The Courtesan Prince 2005 Science fiction 464 pages The status quo is shaken up when egalitarian Rire discovers the Sevolite Empire and exposes all to irrefutable proof that a commoner sword dancer is actually racist Sevildom's long-lost crown prince, Amel. Relationships destined to influence history are forged, and the stage set for power struggles in Amel's name.
Righteous Anger 2006 Science fiction 336 pages Sevildom reacts with the threat of a crusade against Rire, pitting father against son in the influential House of Nersal and straining the moral authority of Okal Rel to keep conflict within bounds compatible with life in the empire.
Pretenders 2008 Science fiction 336 pages In the wake of tragic setbacks, progressive leaders find the strength, through friendships, to establish a new order at court, negotiated by the apparently powerless Amel. One of them is the legendary Ameron, returned from time slip.
Throne Price 2003 Science Fiction 333 pages Erien's returns to his home world to champion his Reetion foster father, and causes the collapse of the uneasy truce among Sevildom's leadership in a series of shocks that end in sordid horror for some but overall affirms the power of Okal Rel to keep the peace for all.
Far Arena 2009 Science Fiction 304 pages Rire resists diplomatic relations with Sevildom by claiming the moral high ground, thus straining the patience of House Nersal and dragging Amel through intense public interest in him as a victim of Sevildom.
Avim's Oath 2010 Science fiction 261 pages Rejected by Erien, and challenged by Perry to realize the dream of making the Blue Demish a court power, Amel competes with Luthan to win Demora in a bizarre competition to identify which of them is 'nicer'. Luthan struggles with her love of Erien and Vretla just wants to get pregnant by either Pureblood. When Amel's new body guard, Alivda, chucks Vretla out of Amel's bedroom, she joins Erien on a mission to rescue his young nephew, Leksan, who is kidnapped by a rival clan. Amel and Erien struggle to cooperate for the greater good while competing for love and for oaths.
Healer's Sword 2012 Science fiction 253 pages Amel must appease the League of Demish Women for the Betterment of Men, aided by Princess Samanda O'Pearl. Although Amel is making progress with becoming respectable, Midlord liege Ilse Marin, from a family long loyal to Ev’rel, is reluctant to swear to him. Instead, she gets involved with Erien's Academy of Science for Sevolites where she meets Horth Nersal. Erien's work and Horth's literal mindedness, get Horth and Ilse into big trouble with the Lion Reach Demish on a mission to bring staff for the Reetion Embassy to Gelion. Everything comes to a head at the first Cultural Exchange with the Reetions, on Barmi II.

Forthcoming titles in the series: Gathering Storm, Holy War and Unholy Science.

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