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Lynette Lancini, born Lismore, 1970, is an Australian composer of a variety of works including orchestral, chamber, piano and vocal music.


Lynette Lancini studied music at the Queensland Conservatorium and University of Queensland. She is mostly self-taught as a composer, and she developed her language as a member of the new music collective Music for the Heart and Mind in the 1990s, with composers such as Robert Davidson, Tom Adeney, Jo-Anne Abbott, and Roland Adeney.

Lancini is a certified Wholebody Focusing Trainer, the practice of which has modified her style from abstract concert music towards more experimental, inner-directed and collaborative approaches.


Lancini's works include a major cycle, Centaur, for Topology, and Overt Operation for orchestra, composed for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Her most recent work, Invocation of the Whole Living Body reflects her newer approaches.

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