Lynette Sweet

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Lynette Sweet
Bay Area Rapid Transit District Board Director, District 7
Assumed office
December 3, 2010
Personal details
Residence Oakland, California, U.S.

Lynette Sweet is an elected member of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, a special purpose district in the San Francisco Bay Area that operates the Bay Area Rapid Transit rail system.[1] In 2010, Sweet was defeated in her bid to replace Sophie Maxwell on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.


Although she is generally wary of tasers due to planned training she supports the 2011 decision to give all BART police officers tasers.[2] She is also a supporter of the MacArthur Transit Village at the station of the same name.[3] In 2005 she became vice president of BART; serving with president Carole Ward Allen BART became the first American first transit agency to be run by two black women.[4] Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom endorsed her candidacy in 2010 for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.[5]


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