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Lynn Davis discography
Lynn Davis performing in London, 1995.
Studio albums3
Live albums1
Soundtrack albums6
Guest vocals71
Background vocals273

This is a comprehensive listing of official releases by Lynn Davis, an American R&B and pop singer. Although she has not recorded a solo album, she has recorded four albums with four separate band/groups: Twennynine, The Gene Dunlap Band, 101 North, and The George Duke Band. She has a total of nine singles.

As one of the most popular and recorded session singers, she has contributed background vocals for many singers including George Duke, Deniece Williams, Toshinobu Kubota, Eros Ramazzotti, Howard Hewett, Mick Jagger, Jeffrey Osborne, and many other singers. She also wrote and vocally produced many of the songs for Patrice Rushen, Tracie Spencer, Susaye Greene, Thomas Anders, and Ana Rodríguez.


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details
Best of Friends
(with Twennynine)
  • Released: 1979
  • Label: Elektra
  • Formats: CD, LP
Tired of Being A Nice Guy
(with The Gene Dunlap Band)
101 North
(with 101 North)
  • Released: August 1988
  • Label: Capitol Records, Valley Vue Records
  • Formats: CD, cassette

Live albums[edit]

Title Album details
Live in Tokyo, Japan 1983
(with The George Duke Band)
  • Released: February 17, 2004
  • Label: George Duke Enterprises
  • Formats: CD, CD/DVD, digital download


Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"I Want You For Myself"
(with George Duke)
1979 23 23 Master of the Game
"Party Down"
(with George Duke)
23 23 Follow the Rainbow
"I Really Don't Need No Light"
(Jeffrey Osborne featuring Lynn Davis)
1982 39 3 Jeffrey Osborne
"Thief in the Night"
(George Duke featuring Lynn Davis)
1985 37 21 Thief in the Night
"Strange Relationship"
(Howard Hewett featuring Lynn Davis)
1988 9 Forever and Ever
"Indigo Waltz"
(Toshinobu Kubota featuring Lynn Davis)
1989 Such A Funky Thang!
"Give You My Love"
(Toshinobu Kubota featuring Lynn Davis)
1990 3
  • RIAJ: Gold
Non-album single
"Be Wanabee"
(Toshinobu Kubota featuring Lynn Davis)
16 Bonga Wanga
"Mama Udongo (In Eyelid)"
(Toshinobu Kubota featuring Lynn Davis)

Album appearances[edit]

Song Year Artist(s) Album
"Love Lock" 1979 Flora Purim (feat. Lynn Davis) Carry On
"Summer Breezin'" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, and the George Duke Band) A Brazilian Love Affair
"I Need You Now" Simone (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, and the George Duke Band)
"Party Down" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and Josie James) Follow the Rainbow
"Funkin' for the Thrill" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Napoleon Murphy Brock, and Josie James)
"Straight from the Heart" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and Josie James)
"I Am for Real" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and Josie James)
"I Want You for Myself" George Duke and Lynn Davis Master of the Game
"Games" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, and the George Duke Band)
"Every Little Step I Take" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, and the George Duke Band)
"This Is All I Really Know" [a] 1980 Patrice Rushen (feat. Lynn Davis) Posh
"I Wanna Be By Your Side" 1981 Sheree Brown (feat. Lynn Davis and Roy Galloway) Straight Ahead
"Girl Talk" Greg Phillinganes (feat. Carolyn Dennis, George Benson, Lynn Davis, and Patrice Rushen) Significant Gains
"There’s Nothing Like a Woman in Love" Syreeta Wright (feat. Lynn Davis) Set My Love In Motion
"I Really Don't Need No Light" 1982 Jeffrey Osborne (feat. Lynn Davis) Jeffrey Osborne
"Ain't Nothin' Missin'"
"Rise and Be Healed" Leon Patillo (feat. Lynn Davis) I'll Never Stop Lovin’ You
"After the Love Has Gone" Stanley Turrentine (feat. Lynn Davis) Home Again
"Nahia" 1983 Pete Escovedo (feat. Lynn Davis) The Island
"Don't You Get So Mad" Jeffrey Osborne (feat. Lynn Davis) Jeffrey Osborne
"Stay With Me Tonight"
"Party Lights" 1984 Katia (feat. Lynn Davis and Marcy Levy) Party Lights - single
"Baby Jane" Yuichiro Oda (feat. Lynn Davis, Marcy Levy) O=D=A
"Watch Out"
"Secret Rendezvous" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and Josie James) Rendezvous
"The Power" Jeffrey Osborne (feat. Lynn Davis) Don't Stop
"You Can't Be Serious"
"Live for Today" Jeffrey Osborne (feat. Debra Laws, Howard Hewett, James Ingram, Joyce Kennedy, Kenny Loggins, Lynn Davis, Pat Benatar, Tremaine Hawkins)
"I Get Nervous" Peabo Bryson (feat. Lynn Davis, Marcy Levy, and Josie James) Straight from the Heart
"Stay On In the Groove" Rodney Franklin (feat. Lynn Davis) Marathon
"Love Is the Answer" Rodney Franklin (feat. Lynn Davis and Darryl Coley)
"Thief in the Night" 1985 George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and Josie James) Thief In the Night
"Remember the Sixties" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Carl Carwell, Robert Brookins, and Alice Murrell)
"We're Supposed to Have Fun" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Carl Carwell, Petsy Powell, and Robert Brookins)
"Love Mission" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Carl Carwell, Petsy Powell, and Deniece Williams)
"Jam" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Carl Carwell, and Shirley Jones)
"La La" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Carl Carwell, Howard Hewett, and Deniece Williams)
"I Need You (The Journey)" Johnny Mathis (duet with Lynn Davis) Right from the Heart
"In Love" George Howard (feat. Lynn Davis) Dancing in the Sun
"I Just Want to Be In Your Life" 1986 George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and Josie James) George Duke
"Good Friend" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, Carl Carwell, Jeffrey Osborne, Irene Cara, Deniece Williams, Stephanie Mills, Joyce Kennedy, and Kenny Loggins)
"So Mean to Me" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Stephanie Phillips, and Shirley Jones)
"Stand With Your Man" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis and The George Duke Band)
"I Can Make It Better" George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, Sue Ann Carwell, Robert Brookins, Carl Carwell, and Dianne Reeves)
"Together" 1987 Hiroshi Satoh (duet with Lynn Davis) Future File
"Lady of the Nyle" Lynn Davis
"Midnight Shuffle" The Kazu Matsui Project (with Lynn Davis) See You There
"Silent Partners" The Kazu Matsui Project (feat. Lynn Davis and Philip Ingram)
"Such A Funky Thang!" 1988 Toshinobu Kubota (feat. Lynn Davis) Such A Funky Thang!
"Such A Funky Thang! (Reprise)" Toshinobu Kubota (feat. Lynn Davis)
"My Love's for Real" Paul Jackson, Jr. (feat. Lynn Davis) I Came to Play
"Bonga Wanga" 1990 Toshinobu Kubota (feat. Lynn Davis) Bonga Wanga
"Bonga Wanga (Reprise)"
"Lonely Chaplin" 1992 Lynn Davis (duet with Philip Ingram) Goody's
"Give You My Love" 1993 Toshinobu Kubota (feat. Lynn Davis) The Baddest II
"Mūbingu Tāgetto"
"Tear this House Down" Soul Mission (feat. Lynn Davis) Soul Mission
"Salvation Road"
"Souled In" [a] 1995 Thomas Anders (feat. Lynn Davis) Souled
"Souled Out" [a]
"If You Will" 2000 George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, Rashid Duke, Carl Carwell, and Diana Booker) Cool
"Love's Own Time" 2001 Pat Thomi (with Lynn Davis) Remote Control
"Looking for a Miracle" 2003 House of the Heavenly Host (with Lynn Davis) The Gospel According to The Heavenly Host
"Give Thanks"
"Song of Miriam"
"In the Midst of the Storm"
"Dukey Treats" 2008 George Duke (feat. Lynn Davis, Josie James, and Napoleon Brock) Dukey Treats

Soundtrack appearances[edit]

Song Year Other artist(s) Soundtrack
"The First Time" 1986 N/A Flying: Dream to Believe
"It's Your Turn"
"Mean Green Mother From Outerspace" Little Shop of Horrors
"Finale (Don't Feed The Plants)"
"Forgiveness" 1992 Night and the City
"The Wildest Times of the World" 1998 Vonda Shepard (feat. Lynn Davis and Jean McLain) Songs from Ally McBeal
"Santa Baby" 2000 Callista Flockhart (feat. Lynn Davis, Carmen Carter, and Vatrina King) A Very Ally Christmas

Background vocal appearances[edit]

Song Year Artist(s) Album
"Middle of the Night" 1978 Lalo Schifrin No One Home
"Let The Music Take Me" 1979 Patrice Rushen Pizzazz
"Settle For My Love"
"Message in the Music"
"Haven't You Heard"
"Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up"
"Call on Me"
"Up and At It" Raul de Souza 'Til Tomorrow Comes
"If You Feel the Funk" 1980 La Toya Jackson La Toya Jackson
"My Love Has Passed You By"
"Are You Ready"
"A Taste of You (Is A Taste of Love)"
"Lovely Is She"
"Look Up!" Patrice Rushen Posh
"I Need Your Love"
"Time Will Tell"
"The Dream"
"The Funk Won't Let You Down"
"This Is All I Really Know" [a]
"Someone Special" 1981 Billy Preston & Syreeta Billy Preston & Syreeta
"Just for You"
"One More Try"
"Hey You"
"I Wanna Be By Your Side" Sheree Brown Straight Ahead
"Girl Talk" Greg Phillinganes Significant Gains
"Dancin' Free" The Brothers Johnson Winners
"Daydreamer Dream"
"There’s Nothing Like a Woman in Love" Syreeta Wright Set My Love In Motion
"Love Only Knows" 1982 Sheree Brown The Music
"Feels So Good"
"All We Need" Patrice Rushen Straight from the Heart
"Where There Is Love" [a]
"If Only"
"Remind Me"
"I Surrender" Leon Patillo I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You
"John 3:17"
"Praise Ye The Lord"
"Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord"
"Every Reason to Smile" 1983 George Duke and Stanley Clarke The Clarke/Duke Project II
"Trip You In Love"
"Angel of Love" Michel Colombier Old Fool Back On Earth
"It’s Our Time" Philip Bailey Continuation
"Thin Walls" 1984 Thomas McClary Thomas McClary
"Love Light in Flight" Stevie Wonder The Woman in Red
"A Night With the Boys" Linda Clifford Sneakin' Out
"One Mistake"
"We've Got Our Chance"
"How Do You Say"
"I Just Want to Hold You"
"Midnight Rendezvous" Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson The Two of Us
"Slippin' Away"
"Never Wanna Say Goodnight"
"Closer Than Close"
"Heartache Heartbreak" Patrice Rushen Now
"Get Off (You Fascinate Me)"
"To Each His Own" [a]
"Weakness" 1985 Dionne Warwick Finder of Lost Loves
"Half Crazy" Johnny Gill Chemistry
"Can't Wait till Tomorrow"
"One Small Light"
"The Way that You Love Me"
"Because of You"
"I Found Love"
"Automatic Passion" Stephanie Mills Right from the Heart
"Just You"
"I Have Learned To Respect The Power Of Love"
"Under Pressure"
"Every Turn of the World" Christopher Cross Every Turn Of The World
"Swing Street"
"Night Creatures" Melissa Manchester Mathematics
"One of Us Fell in Love" Teddy Pendergrass Workin' It Back
"Workin' It Back"
"Feel It" Feelabeelia East to West
"Generate Love" Angela Bofill Tell Me Tomorrow
"Tell Me Tomorrow"
"Midnight Shine"
"First Time"
"This Change of Yours"
"Still in Love"
"Woman's Intuition"
"(If You Wanna Love Me) You're On"
"Love Will Follow" 1986 George Howard Love Will Follow
"No One in the World" Anita Baker Rapture
"Love's Been Here and Gone" James Ingram Never Felt So Good
"Marvellous" Philip Bailey Triumph
"The Lady from Brazil" Tania Maria The Lady from Brazil
"The Eagle and the Condor" Rodney Franklin It Takes Two
"My Wish"
"I'll Do Anything For You" Shirley Jones Always in the Mood
"Caught Me With My Guard Down"
"Midnight Action" [a] Tahiti The Real Ghostbusters
"If I Were Your Woman" 1987 Stephanie Mills If I Were Your Woman
"Pretty Face" George Howard A Nice Place to Be
"Let's Live in Harmony"
"Don't Wanna Let Go" Irene Cara Carasmatic
"Everybody Says It's Love" Princess All for Love
"Shoot the Moon"
"All for Love"
"Jammin' with Your Love"
"Salvador" Sadao Watanabe Birds of Passage
"Why Can't I Love You" Hiroshima Go
"Breakin' All The Rules" Patrice Rushen Watch Out
"All My Love"
"Till She's Out of Your Mind"
"Come Back to Me" [a]
"Kiss Serious" Chico DeBarge Kiss Serious
"Beauty Within" Danseorchestra Long Distance
"Protect Me"
"Down in Hollywood" Bruce Willis The Return of Bruno
"Fun Time"
"Flirting With Disaster"
"Strange Relationship" 1988 Howard Hewett Forever and Ever
"This Time"
"Every Drop of Your Love" Stacy Lattisaw Personal Attention
"Electronic Eyes"
"Lonely Heart" Gary Taylor Compassion
"I Won't Stop"
"You and Me for Always" Barbra Streisand Till I Loved You
"Love You Like A Stranger" Randy Hall Slow Starter
"Slow Starter"
"Gone, Gone, Gone" Toshinobu Kubota Such A Funky Thang!
"Climb Ev'ry Mountain"
"One Love - One Dream" Jeffrey Osborne One Love: One Dream
"All Because of You"
"She's on the Left"
"La Cuenta, Por Favor"
"The Family"
"My Heart Can Wait Forever"
"(You Can't Get) Love from a Stone"
"One Love" George Howard Reflections
"Let's Pretend"
"I Can't Wait" Deniece Williams As Good As It Gets
"We Are Here to Change the World"
"There's No Other"
"I Am Sure"
"Hold Me Tight"
"So Good" Al Jarreau Heart's Horizon
"All of My Love"
"Way to Your Heart"
"I Must Have Been a Fool"
"Killer Love"
"Homeless" Commodores Rock Solid
"Hard As I Try" Hot House South
"Kisses Don't Lie" Evelyn "Champagne" King Flirt
"Whenever You Touch Me"
"True Blue" Alfonz Jones Champion of Love
"Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"
"Send a Message (To the Children of the World)"
"Be the One" 1989 Jackie Jackson Be the One
"Who's Loving You Now"
"Broken Heart"
"Fundamental Thing" Michael Paulo One Passion
"That Girl"
"Do You Hear What I Hear?" Deniece Williams Special Love
"I Won't Stop" The Manhattans Sweet Talk
"Paradise" Christopher Williams Adventures in Paradise
"Sweet Memories"
"Reach Out for Love" 1990 Bobby Lyle The Journey
"Get that Love" Terry Steele King of Hearts
"This Love's on Me" Paul Jackson Jr Out of the Shadows
"Make It Last Forever"
"Don't You Want to be My Lover" Melba Moore Soul Exposed
"Mama Udongo" Toshinobu Kubota Bonga Wanga
"Be Wanabee"
"Love Under the Moon"
"Yoru sō"
"One Song" 1991 Tevin Campbell T.E.V.I.N.
"Touch" Diane Schuur Pure Schuur
"All Caught Up in Love"
"Hold Out"
"Call Me" Phil Perry The Heart of the Man
"Make It Last" Miles Jaye Strong
"Dinorah, Dinorah" 101 North Forever Yours
"Living in Somebody's Dream"
"The More I Think About It" Patti Austin Carry On
"(Don't Know) Whether to Laugh or Cry"
"Someone Else's Eyes" Aretha Franklin What You See Is What You Sweat
"I Wanna Be With You" Peabo Bryson Can You Stop the Rain
"Shower You With Love"
"I Wish You Love"
"Walk Away" Phyllis Hyman Prime of My Life
"Faithful" 1992 Go West Indian Summer
"Tell Me"
"King of Wishful Thinking"
"By the Time This Night Is Over" Kenny G Breathless
"Even If My Heart Would Break"
"Sister Rose"
"Speak Low" George Duke Snapshot
"Keeping Love Alive"
"Love Is.... Strange" 1993 Foley 7 Years Ago ... Directions In Smart-Alec Music
"Tell Miss Thang"
"Dreams on Da Floor"
"Feels So Right" Everette Harp Common Ground
"Stay With Me"
"Sending My Love"
"All I Do Is Toss & Turn" Louie Louie Let's Get Started
"Wired All Night" Mick Jagger Wandering Spirit
"Sweet Thing"
"Out of Focus"
"Don't Tear Me Up"
"Put Me in the Trash"
"Use Me"
"Evening Gown"
"Mother of a Man"
"Wandering Spirit"
"Hang on to Me Tonight"
"I've Been Lonely for So Long"
"Angel in my Heart"
"Handsome Molly (Traditional)"
"River in the Desert" Paul Jackson Jr. A River in the Desert
"Heaven" Walter & Scotty My Brother's Keeper
"So Good, So Special" Rodney Mannsfield Love in a Serious Way
"Promenade" 1994 Emerson, Lake & Palmer In the Hot Seat
"The Gnome"
"The Sage"
"The Hut of Baba Yaga"
"The Great Gates of Kiev"
"Love Don't Love Nobody" Phil Perry Pure Pleasure
"By the Time This Night Is Over" Peabo Bryson Through the Fire
"Money" 1995 George Duke Illusions
"Your Daily Gift" The Savage Rose Black Rose
"What Do You Do Now?"
"Think It All Over"
"Heaven" The Whispers Toast to the Ladies
"A Love of Your Own" Howard Hewett It's Time
"Più Bella Cosa" Eros Ramazzotti Dove c'è musica
"Stella Gemella"
"Outside My Window" 1996 Puff Johnson Miracle
"Love Between Me and You"
"Some Kind of Miracle"
"The Wildest Time of the World" Vonda Shepard It's Good, Eve
"(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman" Celine Dion Falling into You
"A Different Kind of Love Song" Pharez Whitted Mysterious Cargo
"It's Our World" 1997 George Duke Is Love Enough?
"Thinkin' About You"
"Immortality" Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love
"A Heart Can Only Be So Strong" Michael Bolton All that Matters
"Quanto Amore Sei" Eros Ramazzotti Eros
"La Cosa Más Bella"
"Cosas De La Vida (Can't Stop Thinking Of You)"
"Si Bastasen Un Par De Canciones"
"Cuanto Amor Me Das"
"Born to Love You" 1998 Phil Perry One Heart One Love
"When You Believe" Mariah Carey 1's
Whitney Houston My Love Is Your Love
"The Speed of Pain" Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals
"I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)"
"I'll Make It Up to You" The Jazz Crusaders Breakin' Da Rulz
"Soul Shadows" Joe Sample Sample This
"In All My Wildest Dreams"
"Street Life"
"Put It Where You Want It"
"Hope Is An Open Window" 1999 Diana Ross Every Day Is a New Day
"One More Chance" 2000 Anastacia Not That Kind
"Lo Spirito Degli Alberi" Eros Ramazzotti Stilelibero
"16th Century Man" Elton John and Tim Rice The Road to El Dorado
"Someday Out of the Blue (Theme from El Dorado)"
"The Panic In Me"
"It's Tough to be a God"
"Sunday Mornings" The Bus Boys Boys Are Back In Town
"We Fall Down" 2002 Gerald Albright Groovology
"Without You" Laura Pausini From the Inside
"Gonna Get You" Cerrone Hysteria
"Why Isn't That Enough" 2003 Meat Loaf Couldn't Have Said It Better
"Man of Steel"
"Alive & Amplified" 2004 The Mooney Suzuki Alive & Amplified
"Loose 'n' Juicy"
"Naked Truth"
"So Lovely" 2006 Frank McComb The Truth Vol. 2
"Something I Can Feel" Lynne Fiddmont Flow

Video releases[edit]

Title Details Peak chart positions
New Age
Super Keyboards [b]
(by The George Duke Band)
  • Released: 1984
  • Label: George Duke Enterprises
  • Formats: Laserdisc
Bonga Wanga Spring Tour 1991
(by Toshinobu Kubota)
  • Released: July 1, 1991
  • Label: Sony Japan Entertainment
  • Formats: VHS, DVD
Live at the Acropolis
(by Yanni)
5 1
Live at Royal Albert Hall
(by Yanni)
  • Released: 1995
  • Label: Private Music
  • Formats: VHS, DVD
Live in Tokyo, Japan 1983
(by The George Duke Band)
  • Released: February 17, 2004
  • Label: George Duke Enterprises
  • Formats: CD, DVD


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  2. ^ Re-released as "Live in Tokyo, Japan 1983" by George Duke Enterprises on February 17, 2004.


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