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Lynn Laverty Elsenhans
Occupation Chairwoman, President and CEO of Sunoco, Inc.

Lynn Laverty Elsenhans is the current Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Sunoco.


Lynn Laverty Elsenhans has served as the company's Chairperson since January 2009 and as the company's Chief Executive Officer and President since August 2008. She is also the Chairwoman of Sunoco Partners LLC since October 2008. Prior to joining Sunoco, Elsenhans served as the Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing for Shell Downstream Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell Group.

Elsenhans was voted number 10 on Forbes'2009 The 100 Most Powerful Women list.[1]


While CEO of Sunoco in 2008, Elsenhans earned a total compensation of $12,062,024, which included a base salary of $515,077, a cash bonus of $794,007, stock granted of $8,313,716, and options granted of $2,265,934.[2]


Lynn Laverty Elsenhans received a B.A degree in Applied Mathematics from Rice University and a M.B.A degree from Harvard Business School.

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