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Lynn Hoffman
Born Brooklyn
Nationality American
Occupation novelist

Lynn Hoffman was a Philadelphia novelist born in Brooklyn. Before writing his first novel, The Bachelor's Cat (1997)[1] he was a merchant seaman, a chef and a college teacher.

His most recent novel, bang BANG is a story of a Philadelphia woman who is the victim of a gun crime. She finds out that her grief-stricken words, taken out of context, are being used by a creepy senator and gun industry stooges. Finding herself the unwitting proponent of a political stance she abhors, Paula embarks on a decidedly offbeat one-woman vigilante crusade to bring the gun trade to its knees, a crusade that involves an air pistol, sex and a most unusual use of Sauternes.

BookList called bang BANG "Brilliant" Amazon top critic Grady Harp called it ", a book so well conceived and stylishly written that it places Hoffman in the realm of top American writers."

Hoffman's other writings are about food and wine and he is the author of The New Short Course in Wine a textbook for college students and The Short Course in Beer: a guide to the world's most civilized drink. The Philadelphia Inquirer's Craig LaBan said: If you need a beer primer to keep up with the crew at the latest gastropub (and who doesn't in brew-crazy Philly?), turn to a new book from local writer Lynn Hoffman for a tasty draft of advice. The Short Course in Beer (Künati) may come as a surprise from Hoffman, a noted wine writer. But beer has been his longtime interest, too, and he approaches the subject with an academic thoroughness, from the technical to the cultural, without ever getting too dry. It may be a pint-sized primer, but it's also thirst-quenchingly smart.

- Craig LaBan


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