Lynn Jurich

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Lynn Jurich
Residence San Francisco, California
Nationality American United States
Education Stanford University
Alma mater Stanford Business School
Occupation Businesswoman, CEO
Years active 2000s-present
Employer Sunrun
Awards Ten Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs (Fortune 2009 rankings)[1]

Lynn Jurich (born 1979)[2] is the co-founder and CEO of Sunrun, a residential solar company headquartered in San Francisco, California.[2] Jurich holds an MBA and BS from Stanford University,[3] with her BS in science, technology, and society.[4] Early in her career she worked at Summit Partners, where she "completed investments with an aggregate market value of over $900 million in the financial services and technology sectors."[3] She co-founded Sunrun in 2007[5] while attending Stanford Business School.[1] In November 2008, she helped Sunrun secure $40 million in financing from US Bank.[5]

Jurich was named one of the Ten Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs by Fortune in 2009.[1] In 2010 she was also named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Northern California region,[6] and she was a national finalist together with Sunrun co-founder Ed Fenster.[7] Sunrun grew 300 percent in 2010, and by July 2011 the company operated in nine states and controlled 10 percent of the country's residential solar market. At the time, the company was installing approximately $1 million worth of solar equipment per day.[8] Sunrun currently has around 79,000 customers. In May 2014, the Seattle PI named her No. 9 on a list of the 22 most powerful women in technology.[9] A member of various boards and organizations, she is part of the founding board of the Startup American Partnership.[3]

Personal life[edit]

As of 2015 she lives in San Francisco[10] with her husband Brad Murray, the president of the cosmetics company Tatcha.[11] The couple had their first child in 2015.[12] Jurich is a proponent of meditation, espousing both its benefits on a personal[12] and corporate level.[13]

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