Lynn Michaels

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Lynn Michaels
Lynn Michaels on the cover of The Punisher War Journal Vol. 1, #75 (February 1995)
Art by Mark Texeira
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Punisher War Zone Vol. 1, #7 (September 1992)
Created by Chuck Dixon
John Romita Jr.
In-story information
Species Human
Place of origin Earth
Team affiliations S.H.I.E.L.D.
New York City Police Department
Partnerships Punisher
Supporting character of Punisher
Notable aliases Punisher
Lady Punisher

Lynn Michaels is a fictional vigilante, and ally of the Marvel Comics antihero the Punisher.[1] She was created by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr., and first appeared in The Punisher War Zone Vol. 1, #7 (September 1992).[2]

Fictional character biography[edit]

She first appeared in Punisher War Zone #7, as a police officer attempting to catch a serial rapist plaguing Central Park. Frank Castle / The Punisher is in the park as well, taking down targets of opportunity as well as being aware of the rapist. They both confront the criminal, but he escapes. Lynn and Frank team up and confront the rapist, plus several international assassins, in multiple incidents. The rapist dies in the crossfire. Lynn is wounded and as she is being treated, she plants a kiss on Frank. The fact she worked with the Punisher becomes common knowledge.[3]

Later, Frank asks for help in tracking down an organization that is kidnapping people and stealing their blood; it is supposedly 'safer' for medical use. Lynn kills the leader, Mr. Sandeen, when he had the drop on Frank, Ghost Rider and Matt Murdock / Daredevil. Feeling she had crossed the line again, she breaks down.[4]

Lynn and her partner confront a suspected thief, Clyde Allen Durkin, in his home. They discover evidence indicating he has murdered several children. However, all of it is ruled inadmissible due to warrant problems. Disgusted, Lynn leaves the force.[5]

Frank Castle apparently kills himself in a bomb that takes out a mobster's meeting. A government task force that targets vigilantes, called VIGIL, targets Payback. He is Eddie Dyson, an ex-police officer trying out vigilantism in response to the murder of his family by mobsters. Lynn rescues Payback from VIGIL.[6]

Vigilante murders[edit]

Through a "gift" of cigarettes, Lynn causes Durkin to look out his cell window; she kills him with a sniper rifle. Lynn and Eddie agree to a temporary partnership to take down VIGIL. As part of this they allow themselves to be arrested after they destroy a Mafia-run numbers racket.[7] Blackwell, a power-mad VIGIL officer, beats Eddie and Lynn. The two manage to escape. Blackwell murders the straight-arrow officer Jessup and frames the two vigilantes.[8]

Eddie and Lynn travel to the town Laastekist, where many agencies, including the Mafia, now know the Punisher is located. Despite his injuries, Eddie assists Lynn in killing several Valducci mob agents.[9] However, members of the Cullen mob badly injure Lynn.[10] Eddie gets her medical treatment and they escape the town.[11]

Later, now healed, Lynn breaks into VIGIL headquarters looking for Blackwell, seemingly unaware he is now dead, having been killed by Castle. She rescues the sheriff of Laastekist, Harry Bendix, unjustly imprisoned by VIGIL. Two officers, Einhorn and Nails, allow the escape.[12]

Escaping the city[edit]

After killing drug dealers, an old colleague figures out Lynn is the infamous 'Lady Punisher'. Mob leader Rosalie Carbone sends 'Mondo Pain' after Lynn and consequently, Bendix. He is injured in the fight. Lynn leads Pain away. In the ensuing confrontations, she gains what she believes to be the Punisher's personal diary. She is despondent to find she is not mentioned and burns it. She decides Castle's life is not for her. For survival's sake, she hooks up with Eddie.[13] Lynn's father assists in bringing the two to a safe-house far outside of the city.[14] A later sequence seems to indicate the three are living peacefully in their intended destination, but it might have been Frank Castle's dream.[15]

Lynn later works as a deep-cover agent for S.H.I.E.L.D.. She works as 'Diamonelle' from the inside of an organization headed by Jigsaw. She shoots the Punisher's newest ally, Stuart Clarke, for being a cop killer.[16] After Jigsaw is arrested, Lynn allows an ally to kill Jigsaw. She is taken into custody.[17]

Abilities and training[edit]

Lynn is a highly proficient at unarmed combat due to her police training and, like the Punisher, is not averse to using guns in her war against crime. She wears a Punisher-inspired Kevlar costume.


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