Lynne Ewing

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Lynne Ewing
Born Lynne Ewing
Died She is still alive.
Occupation Author and screenwriter
Spouse(s) Her husband is deceased

Lynne Ewing is an American author and a screen writer.

When she was 30 years old, she began writing for newspapers, documentaries, magazines, and did screen writing. Her first books were Drive-By and Party Girl. Drive-By took six years to write, and Party Girl has been made into a movie called Living the Life. She has written the completed Daughters of the Moon and Sons of the Dark series. A more recent book is called 'The Rainbow's Shadow'. Many people from around the world have read her books, as publishers have sent them around the world. Lynne Ewing has two children and four granddaughters, all still alive today. Lynne Ewing won the Arizona Teen Readers Award in 2005. Lynne Ewing lives in Washington, DC. She enjoys art and reading, and loves her family.



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