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Lynne McClure is a British mathematics educator. In 2014 she was appointed as director of Cambridge Mathematics, a program at the University of Cambridge that spans the university's mathematics and education faculties, Cambridge Assessment, and the Cambridge University Press, and is aimed at developing a flexible tool to inform new mathematics curricula for primary and secondary mathematics education.[1]

McClure has a degree from University College London and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Oxford, and Masters degrees from both the Open University and the University of Cambridge. After working as a primary and secondary mathematics teacher, she became principal lecturer in education at Oxford Brookes University and then at the University of Edinburgh. At Cambridge, she directed the NRICH and Underground Maths Projects before being appointed to direct Cambridge Mathematics.[1]

McClure was president of the Mathematical Association for 2014–2015,[2] and executive chair of the International Society for Design and Development in Education for 2017–2019.[3] She has served twice on the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education,[1] chairs the Strategic Board of the Cambridgeshire Maths Hub and is a trustee of National Numeracy.[4]


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