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Lyon Dubaï City is a project being developed by the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The first phase, projected for completion in 2010, will consist of the reproduction in Dubai of some of Lyon's neighborhoods and a series of cultural partnerships between the two cities.

The project[edit]


  • The project “Lyon-Dubai City” began with a meeting between Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, chairman of Emivest, and decision makers of the city of Lyon.
  • During a trip to Lyon a promoter from the United States, Buti Saeed al-Gandhi, became fond of the city. He thought of the idea of the construction of a neighborhood that would recreate the atmosphere of Lyon and some of its notable buildings in Dubai.[1]
  • Aiming to increase the international influence of Lyon, the Mayor Gérard Collomb signed an agreement with al-Gandhi on 9 January 2008.[2]

Details and collaborations[edit]

  • Mr Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, chairman of Emivest returned to Lyon, alongside Gerard Collomb, Senator-Mayor of Lyon, Pr. Claude JOURNES, President UNIVERSITE LUMIERE LYON 2, Mr. Jean-Michel AULAS, President OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS GROUPE, Mr. Guy MATHIOLON, President Chambre of commerce & MUSEE DES TISSUS, Mr. Patrick Molle, Former Director EM Lyon, Mr. Herve Fleury, Director INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE, Mr. Thierry FREMAUX, President INSTITUT LUMIERE, to sign the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at launching the project.[citation needed]
  • Al Gandhi didn't want his project to be compared to the confectioneries of Las Vegas, where small parts of famous cities are reproduced along the famous 'Strip'. He wished for a genuine reproduction of the city and its culture in Dubai. Thus, alongside the reconstruction of Lyon's historic architecture there will be cultural partnerships aimed at tourists related to the culture of Lyon. For example, University Lumière Lyon 2 will construct a satellite in Dubai, as will Lyon's Museum of Fabric. Paul Bocuse, the French chef long-installed in Lyon, has also spoken of building a catering school. EM LYON, Lyon's management school, will also construct a satellite, which will deliver a degree accredited by the UAE.[3][citation needed] Olympique Lyonnais may also build a permanent training ground.[4][citation needed]