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Lyons-Atlas Company
PredecessorAtlas Engine Works
Founded1913; 111 years ago (1913)
FounderJames W. Lyons, William P. Lyons, George W. Lyons
Defunct1915; 109 years ago (1915)
FateEnded Car production
Key people
Harry A. Knox, James W. Lyons, William P. Lyons, George W. Lyons
ProductsGasoline Engines, Automobiles

The Lyons-Knight was an American automobile manufactured from 1913 until 1915 in Indianapolis, Indiana.[1]


Three brothers, James W., William P. and George W. Lyons purchased the Atlas Engine Works and reorganized as the Lyons-Atlas Company.[1] The previous Atlas Company manufactured two-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, and had developed a line of gasoline engines using the Knight sleeve-valve design.[1]

The Lyons-Knight featured Knight sleeve-valve engines and worm-drive rear axles, that were designed by Harry A. Knox who had previously worked at the Atlas-Knight Automobile Company in Springfield, Massachusetts.[2][1]

Beginning in 1913, the Lyons-Knight Model K-4 offered a four-cylinder engine that produced 50-hp and was installed in a choice of five or seven passenger touring car, sedan, or berline bodies, using a 130-inch wheelbase. Prices started at $2,900 for the five passenger touring sedan while the berline sedan was $4,300.

For 1914 a Model K-6, six-cylinder engine was offered with the same wheelbase in either a five or seven passenger touring sedan for $3,200 (equivalent to $97,340 in 2023). In 1915 only the K-4 model was offered but with the addition of limousine and roadster bodies. Automobile manufacturing ended in 1915 soon after Harry Knox resigned from the company.[1][2]

Lyons-Atlas Company continued building engines and manufactured Standard marine engines for Britain during World War I.[1]


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