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Lyons Ferry State Park is a Washington state park near Starbuck. The property returned to Washington State Park status in 2015 with the signing of a new lease with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.[1]

After being operated as a state park from 1971 until 2002, the property lease was relinquished by the state due to budget constraints.[1] Since 2002, the property, owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, had been operated by the Port of Columbia as the Lyons Ferry Park and Lyons Ferry Marina.[2]

The park is on Washington State Route 261 near the confluence of the Snake and Palouse Rivers, which is considered part of Lake Herbert G. West since the construction of Lower Monumental Dam in the late 1960s. The park includes a marina, as well as swimming and picnic areas available to the public. The area is so-named after a ferry across the Snake River which ceased operations in the 1968. The original ferry is still located at the park. The ferry has since been replaced with the Lyons Ferry Bridge (also known as the Snake River Bridge), still in use today. The bridge has its own history. The steel truss bridge was originally built for the Columbia River crossing at Vantage, Washington in 1927. In 1963 that crossing was upgraded to a four lane bridge, and the older bridge was dismantled. The same bridge was then re-assembled in 1968 in its current location.[citation needed]


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