Lyons River

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Lyons River
Lyons River.png
Origin Teano Range
Mouth Gascoyne River
Basin countries Australia
Length 561 kilometres (349 mi)
Source elevation 535 metres (1,755 ft)[1]
Mouth elevation 137 metres (449 ft)
Avg. discharge 460600 ML/year [2]

The Lyons River is a river in the Gascoyne of Western Australia.

The headwaters of the Lyons rise just west of the Teano Range and flows south-west until it merges with the Gascoyne River of which it is a tributary. The two rivers meet near the township of Gascoyne Junction near the southern end of the Kennedy Range.

The first European to discover the river was explorer Francis Gregory in 1858,[3] he named the river after the naval hero Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons.

The Lyons has 36 tributaries including; Edmund River, Frederick River, Onslow Creek, Gifford Creek, Koorabooka Creek and Ulura Creek.

Several permanent pools of water exist along the river including Cattle Pool, Windarrie Pool and Bubbawonnara Pool.

The Lyons river is known as Mithering by the local Indigenous Australians the Malgaru people.


Coordinates: 25°7′13″S 115°8′49″E / 25.12028°S 115.14694°E / -25.12028; 115.14694