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Lyra is a constellation.

Lyra may also refer to:


  • Lyre, a stringed musical instrument known for its use in Classical Antiquity
  • Byzantine lyra, a bowed string musical instrument used in the Byzantine Empire
  • Lyra (Cretan), a bowed instrument used in folk music in Crete, Greece
  • Lira Calabrese, a bowed instrument used in folk music in Calabria, Italy
  • Lira da braccio, a European bowed string instrument of the Renaissance
  • Kemenche, a bowed instrument used in folk music in Turkey, Greece and Iran
  • RCA Lyra, a line of digital audio players
  • "Lyra" (song), a song by Kate Bush
  • Lyra, a composition for trumpet and piano by Hale A. VanderCook


Fictional characters[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • The lyra or psalterium (neuroscience), part of the commissure of fornix or hippocampal commissure
  • The Latin name of Lier, Belgium
  • HMS Lyra, the name of four ships of the Royal Navy
  • Alfa-class submarine (Russian: Лира, Lyra), a class of hunter/killer nuclear powered submarines with a NATO reporting name of Alfa class
  • Lyra, aerial hoop used in circus performance
  • LYRA, a solar ultraviolet radiometer, to be first flown on board the ESA PROBA2 space mission
  • Lyra, Queensland, a locality in Australia
  • Lyra, Ohio, a community in the United States

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