Lyrical Law

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Lyrical Law
Canibus Lyrical Law Disk 1.jpg
Studio album by Canibus
Released June 24, 2011

2010–2011 (Discs 1 & 2)

1993 (Discs 3 & 4)
Genre Underground Hip Hop
Label Canibus/Reverse Polarity Studios
Producer The Architect, DJ Kru, DJ Immortal
Canibus chronology
C of Tranquility
Lyrical Law
Fait Accompli
Disc 2 Cover
Disc 3: T.H.E.M. Cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
RapReviews 7/10[1]

Lyrical Law is the eleventh studio album by Canibus released on June 24, 2011 over iTunes. Physical copies were shipped Independently from his website,, starting July 5, 2011. Buyers of the album had a choice of the LP in a sleeve, jewel case, or as an LP Deluxe Package. The Lyrical Law Package included and autographed Lyrical Law CD in jewel case and two bonus disks. The first bonus disk features artists from Spitboss on completely new material or remixes of Melatonin Magik as was intended for the original Lyrical Law album. The third and final disk is an album titled Lyrical Warfare recorded in 1993 as The Heralds of Extreme Metaphors with Webb between Atlanta and Washington DC.

Just after was up and running, fans were able to pre-order the Lyrical Law LP and could also read a letter from Canibus and view the track listing for the album as well. This track listing featured Lullaby of Champions (which was pulled because of the beat sample rights were not approved), HRSHU Attack, and U R A Pig (which were pulled due to squashing of Royce Da 5'9" beef) and were going to be on the physical copy of Lyrical Law. Instead, Canibus replaced these tracks with Rip Vs. Poet Laureate, and Fight With the Champ.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[2]
# Track Name Featured Artists
1 Lyrical Noir
2 The Art of Yo Born Sun, K-Rino
3 Fight With The Champ Classic Pak
4 The Emerald Cypher Born Sun, K-Rino, Killah Priest
5 The Golden Cypher Ras Kass, K-Solo
6 The Cypher of Agartha Copywrite, Planet Asia
7 Cypher of Steel K-Rino, Skarlit Rose
8 Cypher of Five Mics Chino XL
9 Cypher of Sun Rocks Born Sun, Heltah Skeltah
10 The Ghost of Hip Hop's Past
11 Cypher with Self
12 Rip vs. Poet Laureate
Disc 2[3]
# Track Name Featured Artists
1 Money Classic Pak
2 Brainwash (Reversal Remix)
3 Emergency Broadcast Mark Deez
4 Dbd (Remix)
5 We Go Hard Classic Pak
6 Lyrical Law Remix The 7 D
7 The Spitboss Cypher Mark Deez, Passion, Presto, Damo, Legendary
8 MM (Remix)
9 Dread Alert Pt. II Passion, SHI 360, Damo, Lms
10 The Emerald Cypher (Extended) Killah Priest, Flawless the MC, Born Sun, K-Rino
11 Doj (Remix) Flawless the MC, Lms
12 Summertime Heat Classic Pak
13 Where's The Love Classic Pak
14 The Golden Cypher (Extended) Ras Kass, K-Solo, Pilot Rai
15 Who You Know Classic Pak
16 Cypher of Five Mics (Extended) Chino XL, Flawless the MC
17 Rip (Remix)
Disc 3 (MP3 Online Version): T.H.E.M.[4]
# Track Name Featured Artists
1 Introduction To The Group Home
2 Distortion T.H.E.M.
3 Vocab T.H.E.M.
4 No Doubt T.H.E.M.
5 Literate Lyricists T.H.E.M.
6 Cypher Dialect Pt 1 T.H.E.M.
7 Cypher Dialect Pt 2 T.H.E.M.
8 5 Lines T.H.E.M.
9 Lyrical Warfare T.H.E.M.
10 Real Muthphukaz T.H.E.M.
Disc 3 (Version with Lyrical Law physical copy): T.H.E.M.
# Track Name Featured Artists
1 Introduction To The Group Home
2 New York Never Sleeps T.H.E.M.
3 Distortion T.H.E.M.
4 Vocab T.H.E.M.
5 No Doubt T.H.E.M.
6 F*$k A Yard T.H.E.M.
7 Sprite Commercial T.H.E.M.
8 Literate Lyricists T.H.E.M.
9 Cypher Dialect Pt 1 T.H.E.M.
10 Cypher Dialect Pt 2 T.H.E.M.
11 Shout!!! T.H.E.M.
12 5 Lines T.H.E.M.
13 Lyrical Warfare T.H.E.M.
14 Real Muthphukaz T.H.E.M.
15 Spit A Verse T.H.E.M.
16 Mad Drama T.H.E.M.