Lysebotn Hydroelectric Power Station

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Lysebotn Hydroelectric Power Station
Lysefjorden - View from Lysebotn.JPG
Lysefjorden seen from Lysebotn
Lysebotn Hydroelectric Power Station is located in Norway
Lysebotn Hydroelectric Power Station
Location of Lysebotn Hydroelectric Power Station
Official name Lysebotn kraftverk
Country Norway
Coordinates 59°03′15″N 6°37′36″E / 59.05417°N 6.62667°E / 59.05417; 6.62667Coordinates: 59°03′15″N 6°37′36″E / 59.05417°N 6.62667°E / 59.05417; 6.62667
Status Operational
Commission date 1953; 65 years ago (1953)
Pumped-storage power station
Upper res. capacity 595×10^6 m3 (0.595 km3)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 210 MW
Capacity factor 67.6%
Annual net output 1,242 GW·h

The Lysebotn Power Station is a hydroelectric power station located in the municipality Forsand in Rogaland, Norway. The facility operates at an installed capacity of 210 MW. The average annual production is 1,242 GWh.[1] It has produced 63 TWh since it started in 1953.

External image
Drawing of Lysebotn II

A new NOK 1.8 billion powerplant called Lysebotn II with 370 MW Francis turbines is being built nearby to replace it, with an expected life of 60–70 years. The tunnels are 7.8 km long, 45 m2 wide, and transporting 60 m3/second.[2][3]

The reservoir has a capacity of 595×10^6 m3 (0.595 km3) water[4] located at 636–686 m altitude.

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