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Location Enebakk (Akershus); Spydeberg (Østfold)
Coordinates 59°41′56″N 11°7′12″E / 59.69889°N 11.12000°E / 59.69889; 11.12000Coordinates: 59°41′56″N 11°7′12″E / 59.69889°N 11.12000°E / 59.69889; 11.12000
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 7.00 km²
Shore length1 36.48 km
Surface elevation 161 m
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Lyseren is a lake in the municipalities of Enebakk in Akershus county and Spydeberg in Østfold county, Norway.

Lake Lyseren has a key role in the murder mystery unfolding in the Norwegian detective thriller "The Leopard". Some episodes in the book feature police detectives from cosmopolitan Oslo coming to conduct investigations in the rural environment of Lyseren.

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