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Lysinia (Ancient Greek: Λυσινία)[1] or Lysinoe (Λυσινόη) was a town in the north of ancient Pisidia and later assigned to Pamphylia.[2][3] Hierocles has the name as Lysenara (Λυσήναρα).[4] It was located on the south of the Ascania Lacus, and west of Sagalassus.

It became the seat of a bishop; no longer a residential bishopric, it remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.[5]

Its site is located near the modern town of Karakent in Burdur Province, Turkey.[6]


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Coordinates: 37°41′55″N 30°04′15″E / 37.69869°N 30.07073°E / 37.69869; 30.07073