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Lyssarea is located in Greece
Coordinates: 37°39′N 21°56′E / 37.650°N 21.933°E / 37.650; 21.933Coordinates: 37°39′N 21°56′E / 37.650°N 21.933°E / 37.650; 21.933
Country Greece
Administrative region Peloponnese
Regional unit Arcadia
Municipality Gortynia
Municipal unit Iraia
Elevation 700 m (2,300 ft)
 • Population 68 (2011)
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code 220 28
Area code(s) 27950

Lyssarea (Greek: Λυσσαρέα; before 1927: Μπουγιάτι Bougiati[2]) is a village in Southwestern Arcadia, Greece. It is part of the municipal unit of Iraia. It is built on the slopes of two hills called Agios Lias and Skylaras and appears amphitheatric with its old stone houses and tile roofs. The oldest dated house in Lyssarea was built in 1787. The majority of old inhabitants were builders (Greek χτιστάδες/μαστόροι). It is 4 km northwest of Paloumpa, 4 km south of Kalliani and 12 km northwest of Dimitsana.

130 (1981), 227 (1991), 177 (2001), 68 (2011).


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