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Hill Lyssomanes viridis 02.jpg
male Lyssomanes viridis eating a nematoceran
(scale = 1 mm)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Infraorder: Araneomorphae
Family: Salticidae
Genus: Lyssomanes
Hentz, 1845[1]
Type species
Attus viridis
Walckenaer, 1837[1]

See text.

90 species

Lyssomanes is a spider genus of the Salticidae family (jumping spiders). About 90 species have been described, ranging from South and Central America, up to the southern United States.[1]

They are long-legged, with translucent bodies frequently green or yellow. They resemble lynx spiders, except that they have large anterior median eyes.[citation needed]


Lyssomanes are typically found in foliage in mesic habitats.[citation needed]

female L. viridis from Florida


As of March 2017, the World Spider Catalog accepted the following species:[1]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Hill, David Edwin (1977). "Observations on the physiology of Lyssomanes viridis." Peckhamia 1(3): 41-44. PDF

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