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A view towards Sønderskovvej from the East Side

Lystrup is a suburb to Aarhus Municipality, Denmark. It is located 10 km north of Aarhus city centre, west of Egå and the Bay of Aarhus. It had a population of 10,419 (1 January 2020),[1] and is the second most populous urban area of Aarhus Municipality. Locally, the town is known by its unfavourable nickname "Gun City", which it was labelled during the 1990s, where the town saw a rise in shootings due to housing a biker chapter during Great Nordic Biker War.[2][3]


The network of tunnels and pathways in Lystrup, makes it easy to avoid heavy traffic. Here the tunnel beneath Sønderskovvej shot from the east.

Three schools (Lystrup Skole, Elsted Skole and Elev Skole), several kindergartens, after-school centres and private daycarers makes Lystrup a suburb full of childlife, and the town has seen a substantial inflow of family residents in recent years.[citation needed]


Lystrup also provides good shopping possibilities, with several smaller, specialized boutiques along with one major, and three minor supermarkets. SuperBrugsen is one of the big co-operative supermarket chains in Denmark. Lystrup also provides a local library, for all citizens of Aarhus to loan books, free of charge.


Lystrup also has great sport facilities, and local club Lystrup IF offers a wide range of activities on all levels, including association football, water polo, tennis, handball, swimming, badminton, squash and basketball.[4]


A huge industrial area lies on the east side of Lystrup, and one of Denmark and Europe's biggest defence companies Terma has its headquarters here.

Public transport[edit]

Public transportation in Lystrup and Aarhus is primarily by buses, but Lystrup also has a small train-station for the local train, that serves the citizens of eastern Jutland from the city of Grenaa to Aarhus. Also buses 1A, 18 and 32 go to the town several times an hour. All public transportation is provided by Midttrafik.

Recreational areas[edit]

Lystrup has a forest and four parks. Centrally in the town, north of the railroad, lies Southern Forest (Danish: Sønderskov), officially rated as a dog forest where visitors may let their dogs roam freely. Southern forest is used for a wide range of recreational activities such as horseback-riding, jogging and scouting. The four parks are Hovmarken, Indelukket, Æblehaven and Hedeskovparken. Egå Engsø lies south of the city and from it the river New Egå (Danish: Ny Egå) runs to the coast and bay.[5]


Just north of the forest you will find one of three churches in the Lystrup area, Lystrup Kirke is the new church in town, built in 1989. Other churches are Elev Kirke(built circa 1100) and Elsted Kirke(built 1210)

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 56°14′N 10°14′E / 56.233°N 10.233°E / 56.233; 10.233