Lyuban Offensive Operation

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Lyuban Operation Defensive pincers in battle of Volkhov.png
Part of the Eastern Front of World War II
Date 7 January – 30 April 1942
Location Southern shore of Lake Ladoga, near Lyuban
Result German victory
 Germany  Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Georg von Küchler Soviet Union Kirill Meretskov
Soviet Union Andrey Vlasov (POW)
Units involved

Army Group North

Volkhov Front

Lyuban Operation (7 January 1942 - 30 April 1942) (Russian: Любанская наступательная орерация) was an offensive operation conducted by the Volkhov Front of the Red Army with the goal of relieving Leningrad. The offensive used no tanks because of the terrain, therefore it was down to the infantry and the artillery. The Soviets attacked but they were under intense fire from formidable German defensive positions, and the Soviets lacked proper artillery support on the German positions. The offensive had been stalled and the Soviets were up to the defensive. Field Marshal Georg von Küchler, counterattacked with an operation called 'Wild Beast" and the Soviet 2nd Shock Army was cut off and surrounded. It was destroyed in June 1942 and its commander Andrey Vlasov was taken captive.