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Lyubov Konstantinovna Sliska (Russian: Любовь Константиновна Слиска, born October 15, 1953, in Saratov, Soviet Union, as Lyubov Timoshina, Russian: Любовь Тимошина) is a Russian politician.

Since January 2000, she has been a deputy of the State Duma and a First Deputy Speaker of it (Unity and later United Russia faction).

When the city's council of the Ukrainian town Stryi decided on April 9, 2009 to remove a Soviet-era statue to the Red Army soldier and move it to a museum of Soviet totalitarianism, saying the statue had no historical or cultural value. Sliska stated such decisions could only be made by a "criminal regime." "They have long turned a blind eye to Nazi marches, portraying those who massacred people as heroes," Sliska said, adding the decision revealed lawmakers` disrespect for the soldiers who liberated Ukraine.[1]