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Aero-engine Design Bureau
Successor NPO Saturn
Headquarters Moscow, USSR
Key people
Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka
Products Aircraft engines

Lyulka was a USSR aero engine design bureau and manufacturer from 1938 to the 1990s, when manufacturing and design elements were integrated as NPO Saturn based at Rybinsk. The Lyulka design bureau had its roots in the Kharkiv Aviation Institute where Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka was working with a team designing the ATsN (Agregat Tsentralnovo Nadduva - Centralised supercharger) installation on the Petlyakov Pe-8 bomber. Lyul'ka was responsible for designing the first Soviet gas turbine engines. Preferring to steer away from copying captured German equipment, it succeeded in producing home grown engines.


Summary of engines built/designed by Lyul'ka
Model name Date Type Thrust (kg) / Power (eshp) Fitted to
RTD-1/VDR-2 1938 Two-stage centrifugal compressor Turbojet 500 kg estimated Test-bed only
S-18/VDR-3 1945 Axial flow compressor Turbojet 1,250 kg Gu-VRD project
TR-1 1946 8-stage Axial flow compressor Turbojet 1,300 kg Alekseyev I-211, Ilyushin Il-22, Sukhoi Su-10, Sukhoi Su-11
TR-1A 1947 8-stage Axial flow compressor Turbojet 1,500 kg
TR-2 1947 projected growth version of TR-1
TR-3/AL-5 1949 7-stage Axial-flow Turbojet 4,600 kg (at qualification in 1950) Il-30, Il-46, Lavochkin Aircraft 190, Tu-86, Yak-1000, Su-17(1949), "Aircraft 150"
TR-7 1950's supersonic compressor prototype Turbojet Prototype for AL-7
AL-7 1954 9-stage supersonic compressor Turbojet 6,500 kg Il-54, Su-7B, Tu-98, Su
AL-21 1961 Axial Turbojet 11,000 kg Yak-38, Tu-28/Tu-128, Su-17, Su-24
AL-31 1981 Twin-spool Turbofan 0.6 bypass ratio. 13,300 kg Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Su-35, Su-47


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