Lyulin Mountain

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Coordinates: 42°39′N 23°9′E / 42.650°N 23.150°E / 42.650; 23.150

Lyulin Mountain from Vitosha

Lyulin (Bulgarian: Люлин or Люлин планина) is a range of hills in western Bulgaria, located several kilometres west of Sofia. The highest point is Dupevitsa Peak (1,256 m). The Buchino Pass divides the hills into two, a western and an eastern part. Bonsovi Polyani are a popular tourist attraction.

On the slopes of Liulin are some of the most beautiful quarters of Sofia - Knyazhevo, Gorna Banya and Bankya, known with their mineral springs.


Lyulin Peak on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Lyulin Mountain.