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M'Bour is located in Senegal
Coordinates: 14°25′N 16°58′W / 14.417°N 16.967°W / 14.417; -16.967
Country Senegal
Region Thiès Region
Department M'Bour
Time zone UTC+0 (GMT)
Senegalese women Mbour Beach

M'Bour or Mbour is a city in the Thiès Region of Senegal. It lies on the Petite Côte, approximately eighty kilometers south of Dakar. It is home to a population of nearly 233,000 (2013 census).

The city's major industries are tourism, fishing and peanut processing[citation needed]. M'Bour is a tourist destination. It is situated on the "Little Coast" and connected to Dakar via the N1 road.

It is noteworthy for the orphanage and nursery for children run by the international NGO Vivre Ensemble, and for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Senegal.

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Coordinates: 14°25′N 16°58′W / 14.417°N 16.967°W / 14.417; -16.967