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جبال مكون, ⵉⵖⵉⵍ ⵎⴳⵯⵓⵏ
Ighil M'Goun
Highest point
Elevation4,071 m (13,356 ft)[1]
Prominence1,904 m (6,247 ft)[1]
ListingList of Ultras of Africa
Coordinates31°30′30″N 6°26′36″W / 31.50833°N 6.44333°W / 31.50833; -6.44333Coordinates: 31°30′30″N 6°26′36″W / 31.50833°N 6.44333°W / 31.50833; -6.44333[1]
Ighil M'Goun is located in Morocco
Ighil M'Goun
Ighil M'Goun
Location in Morocco
LocationDrâa-Tafilalet, Morocco
Parent rangeHigh Atlas Range

The M'Goun mountain, also rendered as Ighil Mgoun / Ighil M’Goun / Irhil M’Goun (in tifinagh ⵉⵖⵉⵍ ⵎⴳⵯⵏ), Ighil n’Oumsoud, Jebel Mgoun, Jebel Ighil M’Goun and Jebel Aït M’goun, at 4,071 metres (13,356 ft) is the third highest peak of the Atlas Mountains after Toubkal and Ouenkrim.

It is an ultra prominent peak located in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of Morocco.

Hiking in Mgoun Canyon

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