Máel Mocheirge mac Indrechtaig

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Máel Mocheirge mac Indrechtaig (died 896) was a Dál Fiatach king of Ulaid, which is now Ulster, Ireland. He belonged to a branch of the Dal Fiatach called the Leth Cathail centered in the Lecale barony of modern County Down and was the brother of Cathalán mac Indrechtaig (died 871), a previous king.[1] He ruled from 893 to 896 as leth- (half-king or co-ruler) of Ulaid.

He ruled jointly with Muiredach mac Eochocáin (died 895) of the main Dal Fiatach branch.[2] Muiredach was killed in 895 by Aitíth mac Laigni (died 898) of the Uí Echach Cobo.[3] Máel Mocheirge, himself, was killed by his own associates the next year.[4]

He had a son named Cummascach but no member of the Leth Cathail branch held the kingship of Ulaid after him.


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