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Máine Mór mac Eochaidh (fl. 4th century) was the founder of the kingdom of Uí Maine.


Máine Mór descended from Colla da Chrioch of Oirghialla/Oriel, which became overpopulated. Máine Mór, his father Eochaidh Ferdaghiall and his two sons Breasal and Amhlaibh, travelled to Connacht to seek new lands. They attacked the lands of the local king, Cian d'Fhearaibh Bolg, king of the Fir Bolg (see Soghain and Senchineoil), and with the intervention of Grellan, settled in the land. In return, the Uí Maine would evermore pay tribute to Grellan, who became the dynasty's patron saint.

Maine Mór reigned for fifty years, and is the ancestor of the following families: Lally, Madden, Kelly, Fallon, Neachtain, Threinfhir, and others.

He was succeeded by his surviving son, Breasal mac Maine Mór, who ruled for thirty years.

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Preceded by
New creation
King of Uí Maine
c. 357?– c. 407?
Succeeded by
Breasal mac Maine Mór


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