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A beach in Máncora
A beach in Máncora
Flag of Máncora
Coat of arms of Máncora
Coat of arms
Máncora is located in Peru
Location within Peru
Coordinates: 4°06′20″S 81°02′50″W / 4.10556°S 81.04722°W / -4.10556; -81.04722Coordinates: 4°06′20″S 81°02′50″W / 4.10556°S 81.04722°W / -4.10556; -81.04722
Country Peru
 • MayorJosé Alexander Ramirez Granda
3 m (10 ft)
 • Total10,547
Time zoneUTC-5 (PET)
WebsiteOfficial website

Máncora is a town and beach resort in the Piura Region, in northwestern Peru. It is located in the Talara Province and is capital of the Máncora District. The town has 10,547 inhabitants (2007).

The Pan-American Highway serves as Máncora's main street. The area is known for its turquoise beaches and good waves, making it a surfing destination. The beach town has over 30 different beach resorts that receive tourists from all over South America. It has a large proportion of restaurants and nightclubs for such a small town of 10,000. Resorts rim the nearby kilometers of beaches connected by a road. Most people arrive by bus, private car, or plane from the Talara Airport or Tumbes Airport. Currently, tourism is booming as a large influx of tourists take to the beaches all year round. In 2005, 340,000 tourists visited Mancora.[1] Las Pocitas de Mancora, 10 minutes South, is one of the prettiest of all the area.


This beach location is favored by two ocean currents year round: the cold Humboldt Current 14 to 19°C and the warm Niño Current 21 to 27°C, giving it a tropical-dry climate with ocean waters averaging around 24°C.

Summers last from December to April and are very hot. Rain is usual during the night and the temperature can reach over 38 °C. The rest of the year is dry, breezy, and sunny. The temperature during winter and spring never falls below 25°C during daytime and is usually around the high 20s. Night temperatures drop to around 17°C.[citation needed]


City Land Air
Lima 18 hours 2 hours
Arequipa 34 hours 3.5 hours*
Cajamarca 14 hours 2 hours*
Chiclayo 7 hours 1 hour
Chimbote 13 hours --
Cusco 42 hours 3.5 hours*
Piura 3 hours --
Piñas 5 hours --
Tacna 35 hours 4 hours*
Trujillo 10 hours 1.5 hours
Tumbes 2.5 hours --
Bogotá, CO 62 hours 5 hours*
Buenos Aires, AR 80 hours 6.5 hours*
Guayaquil, EC 7 hours --
Santiago, CH 62 hours 6 hours*
São Paulo, BR 105 hours 7 hours*

.* Excluding connections


Máncora is very famous for doing sports: It has a bay that attracts a lot of people for Surfing. Furthermore, the winds are great for Kitesurfing.[2] During the Peruvian summer there are a lot of people travelling to Máncora just for these activities.


In health, it has a health center at Minsa and the Consultorio Médico Flores, Avenida Grau 184, 999455314, which has been operating since January 1990 and is a graduate of the UNMSM in Lima.


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