Máximo Fernández Alvarado

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Máximo Fernández Alvarado (1858–1933) was a Costa Rican politician.

Born in Desamparados in 1858, he graduated as a Bachelor in Philosophy and Letters at the University of Santo Tomas at fourteen years old and as a lawyer in the same institution in 1881 with merit.

He occupied several important positions, among them these are Secretary of State, Deputy and President of the Constitutional Congress 1913 -1914 and 1916 - 1917. He founded the Partido Republicano, an ideology that combined doctrines of liberalism and populism, and was a candidate to the presidency in Costa Rican elections of 1902, 1906 and 1913. On several occasions he was exiled for political reasons. He also published a poetic anthology.

He died in San Jose in 1933.