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Målselva river(2).jpg
View of the Målselva river
Country Norway
Basin features
Main source Lille Rostavatn
102 m (335 ft)
River mouth Malangen fjord
0 m (0 ft)
Basin size 6,144 km2 (2,372 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 140 km (87 mi)

The Målselva is a river in the municipality of Målselv in Troms county, Norway. The 140-kilometre (87 mi) long river flows through the Målselvdalen valley and then empties into the Målselvfjorden, an arm of the Malangen fjord. The municipality and the valley through which the river runs are both named after the river.

The smaller rivers Divielva, Tamokelva, and Rostaelva converge near the Lille Rostavatn lake to form the Målselva river. Later, the river Barduelva joins it near Fossmoen and Bardufoss. The river drains a watershed of 6,144 square kilometres (2,372 sq mi).[1] The Målselva river passes by the main villages of Bardufoss, Andselv, Øverbygd, and Skjold.


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Coordinates: 69°14′N 18°30′E / 69.233°N 18.500°E / 69.233; 18.500