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Malselva valley.jpg
View of Målselva valley
Location Målselv, Troms, Norway
Long-axis length 60 km (37 mi)
Width 10 km (6.2 mi)
Coordinates 69°03′52″N 18°30′54″E / 69.0645°N 18.5151°E / 69.0645; 18.5151Coordinates: 69°03′52″N 18°30′54″E / 69.0645°N 18.5151°E / 69.0645; 18.5151
Population centers Bardufoss, Øverbygd, Andselv, Skjold

Målselvdalen is the largest valley in Troms county, Norway. The river Målselva runs through the valley, ending at the Målselvfjorden. The 60-kilometre (37 mi) long valley runs to the north, along with the river, and most of the residents of Målselv municipality live in this valley.

With a landscape reminiscent of that of Østerdalen, the valley was settled in the late eighteenth century by farmers from Østerdalen and the Gudbrand Valley. The bailiff in the district, Jens Holmboe, was instrumental in settling this region.[1]


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