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Mårslet Church

Mårslet is a village in Eastern Jutland, Denmark. Politically it is part of the Central Denmark Region and Århus Municipality. By some definitions it may therefore be considered a suburb of Aarhus. It has a population of 4,810 (1 January 2014).[1]

Mårslet is situated on Odderbanen, the railway line between Odder and Århus, and the resulting short journey time to these urban centres has been an important factor in the town's development since the opening of the line in 1884. Mårslet has seen especially rapid housing development and population growth in recent years putting considerable strain on the local infrastructure.

Noted residents[edit]

Notable current and former residents of Mårslet include:

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Coordinates: 56°04′05″N 10°09′40″E / 56.06806°N 10.16111°E / 56.06806; 10.16111