Médio Tejo Subregion

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Map showing the location of the Médio Tejo subregion

Médio Tejo is a NUTS3 subregion of the Centro Region of Portugal. The subregion covers the same area as the intermunicipal community with the same name, but excluding the municipalities of Mação, Sertã and Vila de Rei. As of 2011, the subregion had a population of 220,661[1] and a total area of 2,306 km².[2] Beside its use for national or European statistics and planning, it still has no administrative status, like most other NUTS3 subregions in Portugal.


The Médio Tejo Subregion is composed of 10 municipalities:[3]

Municipality Population (2011)[1] Area (km²)[2]
Abrantes 39,325 714.69
Alcanena 13,868 127.33
Constância 4,056 80.37
Entroncamento 20,206 13.73
Ferreira do Zêzere 8,619 190.38
Ourém 45,932 416.68
Sardoal 3,939 92.15
Tomar 40,677 351.20
Torres Novas 36,717 270.00
Vila Nova da Barquinha 7,322 49.53
Total 220,661 2,306


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Coordinates: 39°36′N 8°25′W / 39.600°N 8.417°W / 39.600; -8.417