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Commune and town
Metlaoui 2020 06.jpg
Métlaoui is located in Tunisia
Coordinates: 34°20′N 8°25′E / 34.33°N 8.41°E / 34.33; 8.41
Country Tunisia
GovernorateGafsa Governorate
 • Total38,634
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Métlaoui (Tunisian Arabic: متلوي mitlawī) is a town and commune in the Gafsa Governorate, Tunisia. In 2014 it had a population of 38,634.[1]


Selja gorge railway.svg

Métlaoui is important railway station of southern Tunisia. City lies nearby Sousse-Tozeur line. The branch to Redeyef (with interconnection to Kasserine) splits nearby. This line is famous because is runs through scenic selja gorges.

Until the 2011 Jasmine Revolution, Métlaoui was home to a Natural History Museum filled with fossil specimens discovered during mining operations. In 2019, the fossil remains were re-excavated from the ruins and sent to the University of Gafsa for storage.[2]

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Coordinates: 34°20′N 8°24′E / 34.333°N 8.400°E / 34.333; 8.400