México Lindo y Querido

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"México lindo y querido" is a traditional mariachi and ranchera Mexican song written by Chucho Monge and made famous by singer Jorge Negrete ("the singing charro").[1] It is widely known throughout the Spanish-speaking world for its characterization of patriotism and loyalty for the land of Mexico.[2] It has been covered by many well-known artists, including Bertín Osborne, Ana Gabriel and Vicente Fernández and Pedro Fernández.

The most recognizable stanza of the song states:

Spanish English Translation
México lindo y querido
Si muero lejos de ti
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aquí
Lovely, beloved Mexico
If I die far from you
May they say that I'm asleep
And may they bring me back here[3]

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