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Location of the Municipality of Fljótsdalshérað
Location of the Municipality of Fljótsdalshérað
Möðrudalur is located in Iceland
Location of Möðrudalur in Iceland
Coordinates: 65°22′27″N 15°53′3.7″W / 65.37417°N 15.884361°W / 65.37417; -15.884361Coordinates: 65°22′27″N 15°53′3.7″W / 65.37417°N 15.884361°W / 65.37417; -15.884361
Country Iceland
Constituency[1]Northeast Constituency
Region[2]Eastern Region
469 m (1,539 ft)

Möðrudalur is a farm settlement in Norður-Múlasýsla in Eastern Iceland, and the highest inhabited place in the country, at 469 m (1,539 ft) above sea level.[3]

Möðrudalur is a popular tourist destination, and was formerly located on The Ring Road until the road was moved to its current Háreksstaðaleið route to the north of Möðrudalur.

A church was built in Möðrudalur in 1949 by Jón A. Stefánsson. A guesthouse, a small store and a restaurant are operated in the area. Nearby the settlement one finds also the Kunsthalle Tropical.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Iceland, -38.0 °C (-36.4 °F) was recorded concurrently in Möðrudalur and the neighboring Grímsstaðir on 21 January 1918.[4]


Panorama of the settlement at Möðrudalur.


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