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World Wind image of Möja. North at c, one o'clock.
Map showing Möja's location in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Möja is an island in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden. Möja is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago for travellers and boaters, and is also significant in size.

Möja is frequented by the ferries of Waxholmsbolaget and other companies, and is easily accessible from Stockholm. There are food stores, cafés, restaurants, and hostels, and other facilities mostly destined to tourism.[1]

Möja Archipelago[edit]

Möja forms part of the Storö-Bockö-Lökaö Nature Reserve, in Swedish colloquially referred to as Möjareservatet. Historically, this group of islands used to belong to the villages on Möja. Each village owned a specific island, which is still reflected in the names of the islands (i.e. Bergbo, Storö, Lökaön, and Ramsmoraö). Since the 19th century, all these islands have been subdivided into smaller plots of land. No permanent settlement on these islands are older than the 19th century, before which they were exclusively used for grazing, fishing, hunting, and for cultivating strawberries.[1]

The nature of the Möja Archipelago reflects its location on the edge to the peripheral archipelago region. While traces of human activities are plentiful, some areas are untouched barren cliffs and marshy grounds.[1]

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Coordinates: 59°26′N 18°53′E / 59.433°N 18.883°E / 59.433; 18.883