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The small lands of Småland. The black and red spots indicate runestones. The red spots indicate runestones telling of long voyages.

Möre is one of the original small lands of Småland, a historical province (landskap) in southern Sweden. It corresponds to the south-eastern part of modern Kalmar County. Möre was divided into two hundreds: Möre Northern Hundred and Möre Southern Hundred.

Möre is mentioned c. 900, by Wulfstan of Hedeby as Meore:

Then, after the land of the Burgundians, we had on our left the lands that have been called from the earliest times Blekingey, and Meore, and Eowland, and Gotland, all which territory is subject to the Sweons; and Weonodland was all the way on our right, as far as Weissel-mouth.[1]

From the late 13th century and onwards, Möre was responsible for supporting Kalmar Castle. Legally, it was part of the jurisdiction of Östergötland, until 1559, when it was transferred to the newly formed jurisdiction of Småland.

In 1645, Möre Southern Hundred was given as a fief to Axel Oxenstierna.

Coordinates: 57°40′N 16°00′E / 57.667°N 16.000°E / 57.667; 16.000