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Blidingsholm, Steinbrücke über den Mörrumsån (2009-08-xx).JPG
Mörrumsån (Blidingsholm)
Country Sweden
Mouth Baltic Sea
 - location Mörrum, Blekinge, Sweden
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 56°09′15″N 14°44′50″E / 56.15417°N 14.74722°E / 56.15417; 14.74722Coordinates: 56°09′15″N 14°44′50″E / 56.15417°N 14.74722°E / 56.15417; 14.74722
Length 175 km (109 mi) [1]
Basin 3,369.1 km2 (1,301 sq mi) [2]
 - average 27 m3/s (953 cu ft/s) [1]
Official name Mörrumsån-Pukavik
Designated 14 November 2001
Reference no. 1123[3]

Mörrumsån is a river in Blekinge County and Kronoberg County, Sweden. It is roughly 185 km long, with its tributary in the lake Asnen, from which it flows south, into the Baltic Sea. The river is known among fishing enthusiasts around the world, because of the salmon fishing that is considered to be among the best in Sweden. The most prominent villages where the river flows through are Mörrum and Svängsta, both located in Karlshamn Municipality.


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