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Willingen Mühlenkopfschanze Sauerland Ost 353 pk.jpg
Location Willingen
Germany Germany
Opened 1951
Renovated 2000
K–point K-130
Hill size HS145
Hill record Finland Janne Ahonen
(152.0 m in 2005)
Slovenia Jurij Tepeš
(152.0 m in 2014)

Mühlenkopfschanze is a ski jumping hill located in Willingen, Germany. The audience capacity is 35,000. It is the largest ski jumping hill in the world, and holds World Cup events every year. The current hill record was set by Janne Ahonen in 2005. Ahonen jumped 155.5 metres, but the measuring system could only measure as far as 152 m, thus downgrading Ahonen's record to this figure.[citation needed] Jurij Tepeš equalled this distance in 2014.

Coordinates: 51°16′30″N 8°36′55″E / 51.27500°N 8.61528°E / 51.27500; 8.61528