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Müller Ltd. & Co. KG
Limited, KG
FoundedMarch 5, 1953 (1953-03-05)
Key people
Revenue3.357 billion Euro (2013/2014)[1]
Number of employees
34,000 (2017)[2]

Müller Ltd. & Co. KG (Müller) is a chain of retail stores with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. Since 2004[3] the company is registered in London.


The hairdresser Erwin Franz Müller founded his company in Ulm on 5 March 1953. By 1968 the company had opened additional outlets in Munich and Karlsruhe. In 1976 the construction of a corporate headquarters began in Ulm-Jungingen. In 1978 annual revenue crossed 100 million D-Mark for the first time. From 1980 to 1985 the company opened 59 new outlets, was converted into the Müller GmbH & Co. KG in 1985 and then opened another 86 outlets by 1990. Since then the company has expanded in Europe.

Müller has more than 34,000 employees[2]. In 2010 the company earned revenues of 2.42 billion Euro. Erwin Müller and Elke Menold are General Managers of the company.

In 2004, the company was transformed into a Limited & Co. KG (a hybrid of the English cognate of the German GmbH and the German word "Compagnie Kommanditgesellschaft", meaning "limited partnership") when the company registered under English law in London.

Müller in Europe[edit]

By October 2017 Müller had a total of 812 outlets in 7 European countries[2]:

Country No. of stores
Austria Austria 76
Croatia Croatia 85
Germany Germany 534
Hungary Hungary 36
Slovenia Slovenia 17
Spain Spain 11
Switzerland Switzerland 53


Müller is primarily a cosmetics store with large drugstore (approx. 50 000 items) and perfumery (approx. 28 000 items) section[2], but apart from beauty care products it also sells commodities and fashion accessories, health food and dietary supplements, as well as some over-the-counter drugs, household products, toys, multi-media (i.e. movies on DVD as well as music CDs), stationery and books. Its portfolio consists of approx. 188 000 products total[2].

Unlike competing chains such as dm-drogerie markt, Müller mostly sells products directly from the German domestic market (in a manner similar to parallel importing) in all countries where it operates.

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