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Beerfelden 01.JPG
Mümling source, Beerfelden
Location Germany, Hesse, Bavaria
Reference no. DE: 2474
Basin features
Main source Zwölf-Röhrenbrunnen in Beerfelden, Odenwald
400 m above sea level (NN) [1]
49°34′06″N 8°58′31″E / 49.568256°N 8.97531°E / 49.568256; 8.97531Coordinates: 49°34′06″N 8°58′31″E / 49.568256°N 8.97531°E / 49.568256; 8.97531
River mouth Obernburg
117 m above sea level (NN) [1]
49°49′54″N 9°08′38″E / 49.831561°N 9.143929°E / 49.831561; 9.143929
Progression Main → Rhine → North Sea
River system Rhine
Basin size 377.35 km² [2]
Physical characteristics
Length 49.7 km
  • Location:
    [3] (at the border to Bavaria)
  • Minimum rate:
    Average low: 1.3394 m³/s
  • Average rate:
    3.7205 m³/s
Erbach 07.JPG

The Mümling is a river in Germany. It is 49.7 kilometres (30.9 mi) long and lends its name to the Mümlingtal (Mümling valley) in Odenwald. In Bavaria it is sometimes called Mömling in official documents.


The Romans named this river Nemaninga, and after it the Numerus Brittonum et exploratorum Nemaningensium unit in Obernburg. In the 9th century, this river was first mentioned with the name Mimininga. The name Mümling probably belongs to the so-called "pra-european hydronyms" as a twin-form of Neman River.

Cities near Mümling[edit]


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