Münchner Neueste Nachrichten

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Münchner Neueste Nachrichten
Original Declaration of the MunichCouncilsRepublic.jpg
Declaration of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, published in Münchner Neueste Nachrichten on 7 April 1919
Typedaily newspaper
Founded9 April 1848; 171 years ago (1848-04-09)
Ceased publication28 April 1945; 74 years ago (1945-04-28)

Münchner Neueste Nachrichten (Munich's Latest News) was a German daily newspaper published in Munich between 1848 and 1945.[1]

The paper was first published on 9 April 1848 as a cheap way to inform the masses. After its purchase by Julius Knorr [de], the newspaper had a liberal and monarchist alignment and favored German unification. The circulation rose from 7,000 in 1848 to 170,000 in 1918, making it the largest Bavarian newspaper in circulation.[1] After the sale to a consortium consisting of the Gutehoffnungshütte AG, the Alfred Hugenberg publishing house and anonymous holding companies in 1920, the newspaper was re-aligned as a conservative and right-wing publication that favored the government of Gustav Ritter von Kahr and his successors.[1]

Following Hitler's rise to power, the paper was taken over by the Nazi Party and aligned with its ideology. The newspaper ceased publication on 28 April 1945.[1] The Süddeutsche Zeitung considers itself the successor of the liberal Münchner Neueste Nachrichten and has used the name for its local pages.


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